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At Battery Solutions Midlands we stock the Dynamic and Lucas  range of VRLA batteries which are all manufactured to the highest standards using the latest recombination technology for maintenance free,  longer cycle life. Special paste formula with over dimensioned negative plates and additives for deep discharge.  Special anti-vibration design using high quality AGM separators extend cycle life and prevent short circuit providing you with reliability.

Suitable for all Mobility, Security and Ride -on applications

If you cannot see your battery - Please contact us as most sizes are available from stock.

We can offer right up to 12V - 200ah sizes.

VRLA Batteries

12-1.2  12 volt 1.2Ah   

12-2.3  12 volt 2.3ah

12-3.2  12 volt 3.2ah

12-5     12 volt 5ah

12-7.2  12 volt 7.2ah

12-10   12 volt 10ah

12-12   12 volt 12ah

12-18   12 volt 18ah

12-22   12 volt 22ah

12-26   12 volt 26ah

12-34   12 volt 34ah

12-42   12 volt 42ah

12-55   12 volt 55ah

12-75   12 volt 75ah

12-85   12 volt 85ah

 Up to 12V 200ah